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Sounding off

"Teachers voting for this now would be like a turkey voting for early Christmas"

"I don't think teachers have ever worked harder than they do now. The courses have never been more stimulating. The pupil is always put first. Yet we are treated with contempt"

"I want to look at new ideas, but why can't we look further afield? Scotland should be able to look to Switzer-land, to Holland, to Norway. Why do we always have to look to England?"

"They say they want to attract people into teaching, but they've been pushing away new teachers for years"

"Nobody asks ordinary teachers their opinions"

"The child-centred approach is now impossible"

"When did you hear of 'bad' lawyers or 'bad' dentists being forced out of their profession?"

"I've been teaching for 23 years. I would consider myself motivated and enthusiastic. And my intention is to get out, if I possibly can"

"I feel dismay at the hostile press teachers get. It really hurts"

"Teaching should be a wonderful job"

"Stalin's Granny needs a lesson in promoting positive behaviour"

"The only message we get is 'You're useless at your job' "

"I'm not even treading water - I'm swamped"

"I'm not against new ideas, but we have to have time to assimiliate them"

"The Government expects us to cure all society's ills. We can only do our best"

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