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South Gloucestershire - Children left holding the baby

Pupils at a South Gloucestershire school have been using a real baby as a teaching resource.

Eighteen-month old Sophie has been visiting Iron Acton Primary School, near Bristol, for almost a year with her parents Kate and John Walsh, who are local residents. She comes in every three weeks as part of personal, social and health education lessons.

Children in Years 5 and 6 have learnt caring skills, emotional awareness and empathy.

Olivia Cowell, a pupil in Class 3, said: "I have watched Sophie grow from eight to 18 months. This project has helped me to be caring towards a baby and to others."

Amy Brooks, Year 4 and 5 teacher, said: "We have enjoyed taking part in the project. It gives the children a meaningful context in which to learn as many have experience with younger siblings." KM.

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