Space for Ms Thrope after all

I write in response to last week's letter by "Name and address supplied" entitled "Ms Anne Thrope wastes space". Like himher, I look forward to receiving my copy of TESS on a Friday and wholeheartedly approve of the new-format magazine. However, it would seem that our similarities end there as the misanthropic comment from Anne Thrope (Ms) is a highlight of my Friday evening reading; so much so, in fact, that I lobbied the editor to ensure it was included in the new incarnation of TESS.

TESS is a professional journal. It represents a spectrum of opinion and there must be room for humour and the occasional jaundiced snipe at the establishment. I would hope heshe might be benevolent enough to agree to my having access to what I regard as two-thirds of a page of well-written and entertaining exposition. The fact that "Name and address supplied" has been provoked to put pen to paper shows the column has had an effect. If heshe doesn't want to read it, I would suggest heshe turns the page and leaves me - and those like me - to enjoy Anne Thrope (Ms), Morris Simpson et al.

Jim Sutherland, Ballachulish.

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