Space for Ms Thrope after all

I write in defence of Anne Thrope. When TESS changed format, I was disappointed that I would be unable to read her column, as it was the only part of the English TES magazine that I turned to on a regular basis. My despair turned to delight when I saw her re-appearance in TESS.

Last week's "name and address supplied" makes valid points about Ms Thrope's tendency to be near the knuckle, but I confess to finding her writing refreshing, challenging and often very funny. Her high commendation in this year's Professional Publishers Association awards suggests others agree.

As for anti-Scottish prejudice in Ms Thrope's column, I have long been able to take a joke aimed at myself, and suggest he or she does the same or, if that doesn't work, try skipping the page and leave the rest of us to enjoy Anne Thrope's splendidly visceral writing. I am proud to proclaim myself, in public, a fan.

John Mitchell, Bishopton.

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