A special agent

Ages 8 to 11

"The name's Crowther, Sarah Crowther, licensed to teach literacy."

Dressed in my husband's dinner jacket and bow tie, I began my Literacy Bond week focus for a set of Year 6 pupils.

The inspiration came from considering ways in which to raise boys' writing (a target on our school improvement plan).

The focus was progressing from autobiography to biography, incorporating the various genres of writing and linking it to a Bond theme.

Through the use of visual literacy as a stimulus, we changed Miss Moneypenny's autobiography to biography, wrote Q's obituary, James Bond's school report and the opinion on 007 from a "baddie's" point of view.

I also linked music and art classes to the Bond theme.

What an exciting week it was and there was a real buzz - isn't that what teaching and learning is all about?

Sarah Crowther teaches at Oakworth Primary in Keighley, West Yorkshire

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