Special grades for a very special school

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Isobel Mair School in East Renfrewshire, a special school for children aged five to 18 with complex learning difficulties, has been awarded six "excellent" gradings by school inspectors.

HMIE gave six "excellent" and eight "very good" gradings, the highest award yet for any school, mainstream or special, under the inspectorate's new six-point grading system.

Accommodation and facilities were judged "adequate" - the only area graded less than "very good".

"Excellent" gradings were given for pupils' learning experiences, climate and relationships in the school, expectations and promoting achievement, partnership with parents, school board and community, leadership and self-evaluation.

The leadership of Mari Wallace, the school's headteacher, and that of other senior managers was described as "inspirational". Inspectors said: "The overall atmosphere in the school and the high quality of staff-pupil relationships and teamwork among staff were outstanding."

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Tes Editorial

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