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Special needs boy tied to chair

Teacher banned after taping up pupil and refusing to let him go to toilet, reports Tara Fawcett

A teacher who taped a special needs boy to a chair and refused to let him go to the toilet has been banned for three years by England's General Teaching Council.

Parveen Khan also failed to ensure pupils' safety by letting them dance on tables, play-fight with sticks and run around the classrooms at Manor Park primary in Aston, Birmingham.

The GTC heard she was over-familiar with pupils, who treated her as a role model, and that school authorities became concerned when children fainted during a fast at Ramadan after she told them she was eating nothing.

Mrs Khan also left the children unsupervised at break and lunchtimes during the fast in 2001 and 2002 and let them go online without their parents'


She was not present or represented at the hearing in Birmingham last week.

The GTC heard that Mrs Khan had trapped the Year 3 boy in his chair, passing sticky tape over his legs and round his body after he got up to pick up a rubber.

Eileen Dowd, the headteacher, said: "The boy was there for 30 minutes. He asked if he could go to the toilet and Mrs Khan refused. The pupils laughed. He was a special needs child with severe language difficulties: he stammered and had difficulties getting his words across.

"Mrs Khan seemed shocked and angry when I confronted her, and said it had been a joke."

Mrs Dowd heard about the incident in February 2003, almost a year after it happened, as the pupils said Mrs Khan told them it was a secret.

"I asked the boy why he had not told anyone and he said he had been upset and thought he would get into more trouble," she said.

Police and social services were involved but the parents decided not to press charges.

The GTC heard that the boy was moved out of Mrs Khan's class in May 2002, before the incident was discovered, because he was falling behind in maths and English.

During Ramadan in September 2002 Mrs Khan lost a lot of weight and some children started to fall ill when they were fasting.

Mrs Dowd said: "Mrs Khan was clearly seen as a role model to the Muslim children. Parents also claimed that she insisted that the children fast."

She said Mrs Khan let pupils "run riot" during after-school bhangra dance classes.

"I had to remove one pupil from the top of a desk," said Mrs Dowd. "It was at this stage that Mrs Khan appeared from underneath a work surface where she had been sitting. I was shocked."

Mrs Khan was off sick in February 2003 after it was discovered she had taped the boy to a chair and she resigned in August.

After the GTC banned Mrs Khan from teaching it heard she had been given a final written warning from Adderley primary in Birmingham in 2001 after a pupil said that she swore at him.

He said Mrs Khan had intimidated him by following him to his mosque and telling him to tell the headteacher he was lying.


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