Special needs - A camp of two halves

The first summer camp in Scotland for children with additional support needs, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger's syndrome and Tourette's syndrome, was a "huge success", according to organisers, with a further six camps planned for the coming year.

The camp, which took place last month at the New School at Butterstone, near Dunkeld, was based on summer camps run in Sweden by Kasper Care, which has been operating since 2003 and has organised more than 25 camps for 200 campers.

Working together, Kasper Care and Mindroom, a Scotland-based charity dedicated to helping children and adults with learning difficulties, brought Camp Kasper - or Kasper Kollo as it is known in Sweden - to Scotland. Over two weeks, eight children took part in activities such as bowling, karting, building dens, karaoke, river rafting and treasure hunting.

Mindroom founder Sophie Dow, whose daughter Annie suffers from learning difficulties, said: "The camps push the boundaries and the independence of each and every camper.

"There was also an element of cultural exchange, because half the campers were Scottish and half were Swedish."

Email: anders@kaspercare.com

Email: moreinfo@mindroom.org.

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