Special school places are safe

Your article ("MPs attack flaws in special needs", TES, July 7) gave less than fair coverage of North Yorkshire's review of provision.

We are consulting about proposals for a network of services for pupils with special needs and behaviour, emotional and social difficulties. Special schools would be at the heart of the new network, which would raise the number of specialist centres from 19 to 42.

There is no threat to places for children in special schools, and parents have been assured of that.

Current arrangements are uneven and offer too little flexibility or choice.

Our proposals will do more, not less, for our most vulnerable children, and special schools will be the hub of what we offer.

Both the House of Commons education select committee and the Department for Education and Skills should like what we're doing, because it's designed to help children and parents in a non-doctrinaire way. That is what we all want, especially the families who find their needs can be met more easily.

Cynthia Welbourn

Corporate director

Children and young people's service

North Yorkshire county council

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