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Spectrum of subjects is at the tipping point

I was very pleased to see the coverage in your newspaper of what I and many others consider to be a hugely important issue, that of RE in the English Baccalaureate ("RE teaching time slashed in English Bac scramble", 4 February).

Michael Gove was asked about this in the House of Commons recently and his answer was that as RE is a compulsory subject it does not need to be included in the EBac. This is entirely unsatisfactory for many reasons, the main one being that this is not true for free schools and academies, of which there are a growing number.

There is a real danger that if RE is not in the EBac or if its statutory status is not enforced, the number of students studying it will drop off spectacularly. This would be highly inappropriate for our young people as they would grow up lacking the basic, responsible understanding of religion that is so vital to a well-rounded education. I urge all readers to write to their MPs asking them to sign my Early Day Motion 1375, so we can all lobby Michael Gove to include RE in the English Baccalaureate.

Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon.

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