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Spend money on teacher training

DIANE McGuinness is to be congratulated for bringing some sanity into the literacy debate (TES, July 10).

Unlike the Government's so-called experts, she understands how the English orthography came into being and, more importantly, how children learn.

From a sound base of research and practice she has largely confirmed that our approach in the 1950s and 1960s was heading in the right direction, hence the high levels of literacy at the time.

Sadly this direction was reversed by the "trendies" who followed, with disastrous results.

I do hope for the sake of future generations of children that her plea to change radically the context of teacher training is heeded by the Government.

That, instead of throwing money at supervisors and inspectors whose own training and experience is often suspect, these considerable sums of money will be invested in quality initial training.

Potential students and teachers at large must demand the proper basis that Diane McGuinness advocates if we are to be considered, once again, a true profession.

Peter Wildblood Retired headteacher Holte Road Atherstone Warwickshire

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