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The spin has made Ryan dizzy

CONOR Ryan (TES, April 11) urges Charles Clarke to "call the heads' bluff by issuing funding figures for every school, compared with past years".

We have the figures. We also have the analysis to show East Riding of Yorkshire funding of pound;3,084 per pupil compared with pound;3,352 authority average. It is incredible to us that the 36 authorities that received extra funding were allocated pound;3,572 per pupil on average before the additional grant - pound;488 more than the East Riding.

Our heads, several in schools receiving "excellent" reports, are not moaning. They are angry and demoralised by the gap between rhetoric and this grossly unfair funding system.

Mr Ryan is welcome to visit the East Riding. Until he has the facts, and not the spin, he should avoid comment.

Jon Mager Director of lifelong learning East Riding of Yorkshire Council

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