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In a spin thanks to whiz ideas

A few weeks ago my headteacher informed the staff that we would be receiving a form to register for the General Teaching Council. Last weekend I received a circular from my union informing me that registration has to take place by today (June 15). I was rather surprised as I and many of my colleagues still await our registration forms. Is this yet another badly-organised scheme by the Government?

Last May I was advised that I was not eligible to pass the threshold as I was on secondment as an acting deputy head. I pointed out to my link inspector that it was highly likely that I would be returning to my original school and position as an ordinary clas teacher at the start of the school year. He informed me that there would be provision for cases like mine to apply in the autumn so need not do anything about it until then. On my return my head was informed that I had missed the deadline and that there were no arrangements for people like myself. How many more have been in the same situation?

I am becoming more and more convinced that the Government think we have nothing better to do but chase around finding out about their new "whiz" ideas. Is it any wonder that we are suffering from a teacher shortage?

Christine Twell

27 Carlow Road

Ringstead, Northants

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