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Sporting sprint 'is too early'

A pound;500,000 sports programme to identify talents may be "putting the cart before the horse", school sports campaigners have claimed.

Speaking at the launch of SportScotland's Sport Interactive scheme at Lourdes Secondary in Glasgow, Peter Peacock, Deputy Children and Education Minister, said it would point young people in the direction of local facilities and clubs and develop interests and talents.

But Charlie Raeburn, chair of the Scottish Schoolsport Federation, cautioned that the two-year pilot i Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Borders may be premature. "Let's try to develop a sports infrastructure as a first priority. This scheme may be putting the cart before the horse."

Secondary pupils will be asked to complete 11 physical and skill tests, including one that assesses their fitness. After entering details of personal and sporting preferences a computer program produces a ranked list of activities they may wish to try. It also provides a database of local clubs and back-up information.

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