Sports substitutes

WE are having great difficulties in finding teachers to accompany school teams to away fixtures. Several parents have volunteered their services. Are there any problems?

THERE is no essential reason why any responsible adult should not take on this task.

There are, however, a number of important matters which a head must consider: is the person capable of supervising the pupils adequately, taking into account their age, the nature of the journey, their known record of behaviour and any hazards which may be encoutered?

Will she be able to exercise reasonable authority over the pupils in the event of misconduct? Will she be able to relate comfortably with the teachers at the host school? Does she know what to do in an emergency?

Have checks been made with the police and with the Department for Education and Employment's "List 99" to ensure that this is a fit person to take charge of young people?

As always, the head must be in a position to defend the decision in the event of things going badly wrong.

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