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On the spot

Valerie Preston is head of geography and a biology at Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster

I have worked at the school and lived locally for 17 years. I have been on the train to Bridgnorth for the day, but have never received information about these school visits until this year.

I thought it would be ideal for our Year 8 pupils - they do quite a bit about rocks and fossils in science. And I was able to come on the preview trip.

On the journey to Arley we were able to point out some of the features in the valley, the River Severn and the Wyre Forest. I set them a quiz and we used resources that highlighted the main features along the way. I also made them study the map of the route.

But it might have been nice to see more of the morphology and geomorphology of the valley. There was a wonderful key stage 34 geology trail of the Severn Valley in May - I would have liked to bring my GCSE group to that.

It's so convenient because this is right on our doorstep.

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