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On the spot

Margaret Sahin is a teacher at Bardwell School in Bicester

This was our second trip to the Thomley Centre. It is a good place to visit because there is so much to do. A lot of thought has been given to the requirements of children with special needs. They are encouraged to decide for themselves what to do and this helps them to feel more in control. Many of them find a lot of things make them feel uncomfortable, such as sitting in a group or hearing certain noises, and it is good for them to be somewhere where no one will stare at them if they behave unusually.

The sensory room and the music room were a great success. It was nice to have a selection of instruments and to be able to have a go on the piano.

We took a lot of photographs so that we can discuss the visit back in school. This is particularly important as many of the children can't communicate easily or remember what they have done, and this is a way of talking about past events.

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