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On the spot

Ruth Rushton teaches applied business studies at St Matthews RC High School

We'd chosen the Business of Manchester Airport course, which included a talk followed by a tour around the airport. The first part was brilliant: the guide talked about who owned the airport and its objectives and gave out lots of information that included most of the criteria I'd identified.

The talk was aimed at slightly younger children, but it wasn't a problem.

Pupils got all the information they wanted, and said they'd really enjoyed it.

The video seemed a bit old-fashioned - a workshop would have been useful instead. The tour was brilliant too, but a bit long, and sometimes it could have been a bit more closely related to the business of the airport.

The teaching resource on the "Airport as a Business" was fantastic: it included everything we needed to know, and was set out like the syllabus.

I'd advise visitors to let staff know what you want to do beforehand. The visit was really well organised, and was just what we needed for our kids.

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