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On the spot

Peter Brown is headteacher at Thursfield County Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent

All of today's activities are based on ideas taken from the new teachers'

resource materials, which we've modified to meet our own needs. We're using the trip to do SATs revision in literacy, numeracy and science.

I'm leading science activities based on the identification and classification of living things. There is also a literacy activity - designingmaking leaflets to advertise the Palms - and in a third activity, pupils are measuring temperature and light intensity around the building and doing data-handling.

A visit here is very worthwhile - not only to see the plants and animals, but also to get the sensation of being in a hot, humid environment. We always come here during the winter, to escape from the cold!

The pupils have been before, as Year 34s doing a topic on the tropical rainforest. They are especially interested in the animals, and this time they've been able to handle some of them during the "Meet the Keeper" session.


The Palms Tropical Oasis, Stapeley Water Gardens London Road Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 7LH Tel: 01270 628628 Email: palms@

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