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On the spot

Anthony Gillett teaches geography at Chorlton High School, Manchester

We wanted to use the SuperCity session to say "these are some of the areas you'll be studying in Year 10" - the first thing we do is settlement and a big part of that is urban regeneration. The day worked very well and the kids were kept busy. The learning co-ordinator was really enthusiastic.

The Cityzone workshop helped them think about space and planning, and the need for buildings to be sustainable. They also did cross-curricular stuff like design that will fit into other subjects. The exhibition tour was intended to give them a bit of a spark. The kids were looking at how Will Alsop is trying to change things, but it could have been more focused. In the workshop, I'd like to see greater links with geography - they created pretty designs, but let's link that to regeneration and say "these designs are to regenerate areas of the city". Communication from Urbis has been excellent, and with later lessons dealing with what we've done today it'll have been a really good exercise.

On the map

Urbis Learning

Cathedral Gardens

Manchester M4 3BG

Tel: 0161 605 8205


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