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On the spot

Piers Miller is head of geography at Comberton Village College, Cambridgeshire

"The ability to see both sides of the argument and make value judgments is an important aspect of studying sustainability, so I was pleased to see how everyone judged the watersports issues from the point of view of their allotted roles. It was interesting that the results were not the same as when they expressed their own opinions. Justifying decisions and having empathy with others is a key theme in the leisure and tourism course.

"My aim was to introduce sustainable management within a national park.

Focusing on a practical project such as Mr Bigg's planning application worked well as it enabled specific issues to be raised in an entertaining way. And the cycling was enjoyable. We encourage out-of-classroom work, particularly in vocational subjects. The visit enabled the students to see for themselves the uses of a national park, but we lacked any sense of the valley as a tourist honeypot, having been there on a cold, damp Tuesday."

On the map

Losehill Hall, Peak District National Park Study Centre

Castleton, Derbyshire S33 8WB

Tel: 01433 620373

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