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On the spot

Sharon Wilkinson class teacher, St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Warrington

Our current history topic is "What can we learn about the past through the life of a famous person?" The children have already done lots of work about the Beatles and life in the 1950s and 60s. The new audio guide is a great resource, but for children this age you probably need something else if you're going to keep their attention. So my colleague Helen Lea came for a preliminary visit and prepared a questionnaire. The children have to use the displays and audio tour to answer the questions. This helps keep them focused.

The children had a very happy morning. They keep stopping me and saying, "Hey Miss, have you seen this?" Later, we'll take a ferry across the Mersey before returning to school. And next week we're having a Beatles Day. We'll be dressing up in 60s gear, and learning how to twist and jive. We're also going to perform some Beatles songs for the rest of the school.

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