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On the spot

Steve Brice, Year 6 teacher at Hannah More Primary School, Bristol

We have a lot of Somalian children here and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority approach doesn't necessarily reflect their experience.

Some know what it's like to be a refugee. Our theme for this year is about moving. But we make sure history and geography are well covered. Few children are given to studying globes or atlases. Yet a natural disaster such as the Tsunami can suddenly make world geography a gripping subject.

They've learned about things such as plate tectonics, but have also displayed a mature and compassionate reaction to events.

Some pointed out that the cost of the tragedy would have been far less if the countries affected had been given early warning systems. We've been down to the museum several times and are very enthusiastic about it, but it's a pity this sort of resource can be so costly. We're lucky with our relationship - when the museum has something new, we get first call to try it out.

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