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On the spot

Rob Barnard. Year 4 teacher Stoke Park Junior School, near Eastleigh

It's a very busy hour, the children got a lot out of it. We're doing a topic on the Romans so we thought we would bring them here to see what the Romans in England were actually like.

It's very easy for the children to get to grips with what it would be like to be in a Roman palace. It helped them piece together a lot of their bits of knowledge. I think it's social as well: it's good for them to see that their way of life isn't the only way there has been.

We're writing a report on some elements they have found out, and then we'll get tray mosaics and see if they can create a floor mosaic like they saw today. It fits in with our history topic, but we're going to do an art lesson on the mosaics, art through history.

In a class, you are jumping from lesson to lesson. Here, it's all history and it's all in the one day, they can't really escape it - it's all around them.

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