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On the spot

Rally Ikiebe is head of Chrysolyte School and a Year 3 teacher

We always like to organise a school visit that is relevant to each term's topic. This time it's money, so the aim of the visit was to introduce pupils to its historical background and help them understand its importance in our lives.

There is plenty for all ages in the museum. We have been to it twice before and this time they had produced an excellent new video. Our group ranged from Years 3 to 6 and, although the video is aimed at 9 to 11-year-olds, it was suitable for the younger ones too. It encouraged them all to ask lots of questions and I was surprised by how many they came up with.

Difficult concepts and how they affect us all were explained very well, as were broader ideas about money, such as value and trust.

The worksheets consolidated the points made in the video and stimulated the children's interest - and they were fun to do.

Now, back at school, we plan to put on an exhibition about money for the entire school, including parents.

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