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On the spot

Mandy Taverner, Year 4 teacher from Marriott Primary School

We're doing a geography unit called Improving the Environment and the EcoHouse seemed an obvious place to come. It's the first time we've used it; we're an Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)-certified school and they offered free trips.

It's an initiative that encourages schools to save energy and to get children involved in recycling and improving the school environment. The EcoHouse staff provide an activity pack which asks the children to think about how they use electricity and water in the home and how they can reduce their use. It also covers different ways of recycling.

There are so many environmental problems in the world; unless children are informed now they won't see why they should be doing anything in the future. These children come from an inner city estate where there's not a lot of awareness of the environment. On the whole they don't have parents who know a great deal about the environment or recycling so it's vital they come to places like this.

On the map

Eco House

EcoHouse, Hinkley Road, Western Park, Leicester LE3 0WD, Tel: 0116 222 0222Email: ecohouse@

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