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On the spot

Carol Ford teacher Bugle Primary School, near St Austell Sugar comes in bags, doesn't it? That was the view of one pupil until he went on his survival trek and discovered the cane. He was amazed.

Although we're only a few minutes away from Eden and children in Cornwall can go free for a day in the summer holidays, a lot don't because parents have to pay and it gets very busy. The trip to Eden was a reward for Year 5 clearing lots of litter from a local beach. They're a mixed group with different abilities. A few are Portuguese and struggle with English, but they listened and responded well. I think it's great for children to become aware of the environment and looking after the world.

Since the visit, they've been busy with follow-up work looking at the rain forest's ecology. They've also done drumming and listened to music linked with the forest. We've been on educational camps before but one child said he thought it was the best school trip he'd been on. The day clearly had an impact.

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