On the spot

Rachel Chapman, Year 1 teacher, Nene Valley Primary School, Peterborough.

We have been looking at the topic of senses this term so this visit fits very well. I have talked with the children about what life is like for a person if they cannot see or hear, and we have studied parts of the eye and ear. They tried signing which the children were very interested in and found quite easy to pick up.

They seem a little overwhelmed by the idea of what it is to be deafblind, and are rather quiet and thoughtful and a little bit shy, but I think that means they are grasping the concept of deafblindness. Putting on the simulation spectacles and ear defenders really helps get the idea over.

Meeting Alberta has been a wonderful experience for them, and me. She really helps you to realise that deafblind people are just normal people and, although they can't do things like play football, they still have families and friends and interests of their own.

The children's understanding of what sight and hearing mean to us has been greatly developed by the visit.

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