On the spot

Eddie Huntington teaches at Eldon Grove Primary, Hartlepool

We have an enrichment programme for gifted and talented pupils in our cluster of schools in Hartlepool, which I co-ordinate. The group with me today are particularly musical, so I wanted a workshop that would be challenging. I discussed it first with Sue Finn and she suggested concertinas. I liked that, as none of the children played one so there would be no showing off or competing. Nevertheless, I was anxious. In situations like this a specialist can be skilled in their field but not so expert with children, but the tutor, Emily Ball, was great. She presented each step in an easy-to-understand, structured manner, and organised the children well. Within the hour she had them singing and playing at the same time. They left feeling a real sense of achievement. Learning concertinas wouldn't suit every class; a mixed group may find it too difficult to sing and play, so I would go for something else such as African drumming or steel pans if I were bringing an ordinary class.

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