On the spot

Sarah Esson is an NQT at Barkerend Primary School, Bradford

The school has been using the museum for many years and my colleagues speak very highly of it. Our third and fourth years come regularly as part of their topic work, looking at colour and light and dark.

We are here today because our school was chosen by the Royal Society of Chemists to take part in workshops to coincide with National Chemistry Week. We have been doing work on reversible and irreversible change at school - changing colours and melting wax for example - so our class was chosen to participate.

It has been marvellous. Graham is so good with the children. I was nervous when I first saw the hot wax, the dyes and the irons, but he keeps a close eye on them. He has a lovely manner. The children really listen to him and absolutely love it. They enjoy the practical aspect and the opportunity to make something that's their own. There are so many exciting hands-on activities in the galleries. Our children will certainly benefit from that.

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