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Maureen Pantall, head of history, St Nicholas School, Harlow

Since the syllabus covers English history from around 1060 to 1750, it's a great gallop through the Middle Ages and early modern Britain. Hedingham Castle's connection with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the Bayeux tapestry is very relevant. William the Conqueror built lots of castles and these were an important part of his success, for out of this Norman invasion came this amazing injection of French words into our language.

The castle is a great example of a classic square stone keep. I'm a great believer that by experiencing history and living it, it has more meaning to the children. The feedback of Empress Matilda speaking in the great hall in her costume is always good as it helps to create an atmosphere.

Hedingham is a lovely castle and pupils are always enthusiastic after visiting it. The children are encouraged to take photos of their visit and later we make a collage. I then have a competition for the best photograph.

On the map

Hedingham Castle

Castle Hedingham, Essex CO9 3DJ

Tel: 01787 460261

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