On the spot

Peter Crawford History subject leader, Wilberfoss C of E Primary School

I like Hull Museums. They are very good for children and we feel welcome.

We were at another site this morning looking at Romans. We have used the museums before, but it's the first time that we've tried the hands-on activities. They are very well thought-out and they suit different learning styles. I will certainly be coming back. If a teacher came here and was not comfortable with the subject, the staff take the heat off the situation.

They are the experts. You can refer to them. You don't have to be the font of all knowledge.

The mummification of Lewis was wonderful. Children like the slightly macabre but I know some teachers who tend to shy away from it. This was done in a light-hearted manner.

I could have devoted numerous hours of classroom time to mummification but by coming here they will remember how it was done. They took part and learned from it. Now we could go back and start a piece of writing - 'Instruction On How To Mummify'.

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