On the spot

Linda Lester, Year 6 head of English at Derwent Lodge School for Girls

In Year 6, we do a residential week with the girls to finish the year on a happy note, before they go off to separate schools. This week we have been in Bournemouth and gone on various trips, culminating in a visit to Buckler's Hard.

Being a residential week, the pupils also take back lots of lessons learned in the broader sense, such as teamwork. Throughout the week they have been making notes and completing a project, which they will finish back at school.

The guides at Buckler's Hard know lots of facts that you wouldn't find in a book and really brought the stories to life. Mary talked about the social side of life, how the houses were decorated and how people lived - the sort of information that the girls love. It was great that we could go inside the cottages. The guides looked the part, too. The visit lends itself to linking in with lots of curriculum activities. The river trip was a pleasant way to round off.

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