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In the Spotlight - Charity

With the season of goodwill approaching, encourage pupils to think of others with these resources from charities.

History of Barnardo's

Take a trip through the history of the biggest children's charity in the UK with Barnaby Bear, as he traces the work of Barnardo's from its Victorian origins to the present day.

Water for all

Inspire pupils to raise awareness of water shortages with this online resource from Oxfam. It explores the importance of water, places where water is scarce and ideas for positive action.

To give is to receive

Citizenship Foundation has shared this retelling of a Japanese folk tale about a generous young man named Shobei, which encourages pupils to think about the value of money, gift-giving and generosity.

For these and more resources, check out the TES Charity collection at: bit.lytesCharity.

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