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Spotlight on ... World Malaria Day

On 25 April, people across the globe will take part in a range of activities to mark World Malaria Day, part of the Roll Back Malaria campaign. Talk to your students about malaria and the role of public education in helping to defeat it.

In countries where it is endemic, many of them in Africa, a child dies of malaria every 60 seconds simply because they do not have a mosquito net or access to life-saving treatment. Inspire students to join the campaign against malaria - why not hold a fund-raiser in school?

UK charity Malaria No More reveals how much of a difference fund-raising can make:

#163;5 can buy, deliver and hang a mosquito net for a family in Africa.

#163;10 can transport 150 nets to a community in rural Ghana - enough to protect 300 people.

#163;60 can train a nurse in Botswana to diagnose malaria.

#163;100 can recruit and train two local volunteers to be malaria agents, providing malaria prevention information to their entire community.

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