Spring has sprung

Scottish schools are being encouraged to organise European days of exchange, debates and meetings with local, regional, national or international personalities, which will give pupils and teachers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Europe.

"Spring Day for Europe" was set up to stimulate interest and debate about the principles, achievements and future of the European Union.

A spokesperson for the initiative said: "This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. For this reason, 'Together since 1957: Schools celebrating Europe' is the chosen theme for Spring Day 2007."

Spring Day for Europe will be held from March 26 - celebrating the 50th anniversary of the signature of the Rome treaties, above - to June 30, with a special focus on May 9, which is Europe Day.

Open to young people aged seven to 17, primary and secondary schools are invited to take part in line with their own resources.

* www.springday2007.net

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