St Mirren signs up schools with a community coach

St Mirren Football Club are leaving no stone unturned as they seek to strengthen their foothold in the community. Matt Kerr, the new community coach at the Paisley club, will visit every school in Renfrewshire to target young recruits. "The scheme is for all children," Mr Kerr said.

"Ones who have never kicked a ball from ones who spend every night kicking the ball at their back door. If St Mirren can get anything from it in terms of some talented children coming through then that is a bonus." After-school coaching classes at the club are already attended by 300 children who pay an annual membership fee of Pounds 10 and Pounds 2 an hour for coaching.

George Watson, the scheme's co-ordinator, said: "We emphasise fun and enjoyment and will take any child even if he or she is hopeless at football. "

Mr Kerr added: "It is important for children to learn team sports. Playing computer games does not give them the social skills they need in life and they need to interact with others of their age."

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