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Standard hack in real job shocker

It is not so much poacher turned gamekeeper, as poacher turned game. Tim Miles, education correspondent of the Evening Standard, has jacked it all in to become a teacher. The veteran journalist, author of hundreds of stories about scandalous schools and terrible teachers, will take up a training place this autumn.

Miles, previously with the Press Association tried to leave journalism in 2000, becoming press officer for the General Teaching Council - but only lasted five months. Curiously reticent about his career change, he told the Diary he intended to make the switch despite the big pay cut. He said his interest in teaching had grown as his own children started school.

Chris Keates, acting leader of the NASUWT, said Tim's union membership application form was in the post. She added : "I congratulate Tim on moving from journalism to a role which provides a valuable public service."

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