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Standing out from the crowd

After a rain-drenched STUC march and rally in Glasgow on Saturday, a few points to ponder. For those Saturday shoppers who realised it was a public demonstration by public service unions against the cuts, what teaching union was to the fore? If Murray Walker had been commenting, it would be a story of "and there goes another EIS banner, and another, and yet another".

If the SSTA wishes to transfer its stridency to the public arena, it will need something to at least rival the Wheeltappers and Shunters creation. Perhaps take a colourful tip from the Rainbow Toddlers Mother Support Group, for at least you'll get noticed! But then again, it was raining.

As for ReclaimEIS, they were distributing some publication called Voice. I thought the smelling salts might have to be produced until I realised it was simply a pamphlet with as much relevance as its namesake. Reclaim EIS? No, more like rejoice EIS, since without it there is little prospect of protecting the workforce.

Name and address supplied.

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