Star turn

School: Southesk primary, Montrose; school roll 220, age of children involved P7; teacher Anne May

What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year? Members of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra - three brass players, trumpet, trombone and French horn.

How did you hear about them? Our school was nominated by the local branch of Tesco.

What did they do? First of all, they got the children clapping to the rhythms and listening to how a tune can be changed by altering the tempo and the mood.

They'd brought a tailcoat and a conductor's baton and they organised games with one of the children conducting the musicians and the others having to sit down the second the music stopped.

They let a couple of children try their instruments, and showed them how to pucker their lips and make raspberry noises - which they loved. They had other children up to the front to step in time to the music.

Did you do any preparation beforehand? Not really.

Did you do any follow-up work? We had to produce four big display panels which were on view at the local Tesco for a week. The children wrote about the experience of the visit and did drawings and we made three-dimensional objects to illustrate the panels.

Tesco had also given me a disposable camera so that I could take photographs for the displays.

What did the visit cost? Nothing - it was all sponsored by Tesco.

What was so good about it? Everything was pitched just right for the children, a lot of whom would never have any contact with an orchestra, far less the chance to handle these instruments and hear what can be done with them.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? It was just a marvellous opportunity for the children to meet orchestral players.

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