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Star turn

Alison Coates science co-ordinator Cuxford Community Junior School, Kent

The idea was to use Science Week to blast the children with science, but in a fun way so they wouldn't even realise it was happening. In the classroom, all our lessons have practical elements, but the centre offers a terrific hands-on experience. We have two adults with each group of eight children, and each has been briefed to push pupils' understanding, asking why something is happening. The visit also gives teachers ideas to inspire their pupils. The visit will build lasting memories - in future classes they'll remember what they saw and did here. They've investigated the senses, chemical reactions, forces, and more. They've even talked about topics which are not included in the national curriculum, so we're extending their exposure. This visit will link into our classwork for next year. At the end of the week, we have blocked off time to talk about our experiences from Science Week. I think the children will have plenty to say. It's all about putting the fun back into science.

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