Star Turn Fine Artists

* School: St David's RC Primary school, Edinburgh, roll 180; classes involved P1-7. Headteacher Catherine Clark

What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year?

Fine Artists, Jonathan Schofield and Susan Anne McCarthy.

How did you hear about them?

One of our teachers had been to a workshop with them with her own children one Saturday.

How long did they spend with you?

Two whole days.

What did they do?

We were celebrating our 60th anniversary and they worked together and with one of our particularly talented teachers with the P7s to design and create a Celtic cross and two stained glass windows - one of St David and one of St Margaret, and they stand in our entrance hall. They're glorious.

Did you do any preparation beforehand?

Not really - we left it to them to explain everything to the children.

Did you do any follow-up work?

Yes - we have gone on studying Celtic crosses and learning about St David and St Margaret.

What did the visit cost? Pounds 400. I wouldn't normally have been able to spend that kind of money, but because it was our jubilee and gave us something lasting, it was well worth it.

Who paid?

I tried to get help from the Scottish Arts Council, but they said they couldn't fund that kind of project, so the school fund paid.

What was so good about them?

They brought in a talent we didn't have and they worked so well with the children, individually and in groups, showing them all the different techniques. The light catches the stained-glass windows every morning and it's just beautiful.

How relevant was it to the curriculum?

There was a lot of language work and of course it dovetailed with the expressive arts elements of the curriculum along with the work we'd been doing with the children on the saints.

Contact Fine Artists, tel: 0131 466 4660

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