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Star turns

School:St Peter's RC Primary, Aberdeen. 159 pupils. Senior teacher: Anne Lyden.

What has been the best arts company to visit your school in the past year? Simon Spalding, a maritime history consultant.

How did you hear about him? Via Aberdeen City Council arts and recreation department.

What did he do? He talked to Primary 7 pupils about life at sea at the time of Columbus and the great explorers. He also sang traditional sea-faring songs and played a variety of musical instruments, including different kinds of fiddle and a banjo.

Did you do any preparation beforehand? We had already done a project on the theme of exploration and discovery.

Any follow-up work? No - the visit took place after the project was completed.

How long did he stay? About an hour and a half.

How much did he cost? The session was free to us.

Who paid? The arts and recreation department.

What was so good about him? His presentation and appearance (in period costume) were very interesting and he had a vast knowledge of the era. He was also very talented musically.

* To contact Simon Spalding, ring David Atherton at Aberdeen Arts and Recreation on 01224 522080

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