Star turns

School: Abercromby Primary, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 440 pupils; headteacher Joyce Ferguson.

What has been the best arts company to visit your school in the past year?

The Floating Point Science Theatre Group.

How did you hear about them? From one of the education authority advisers.

What did they do?

Two presentations called Push Off! and It's Electric!. Push Off! portrayed the science aspects in a fun way, demonstrating gravity forces, pulleys and building materials. An actor and actress gave performances involving physical theatre, mime and movement, music and audience participation. They actually developed science experiments in a theatre format. In It's Electric! they dealt with circuitry and how to wire a plug.

Any follow-up work?

Yes. They provided worksheets which the teachers used and there was plenty of scope for discussion. How long did they stay?

All day. They did one show in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each lasted about an hour.

How much did they cost?

It didn't cost the schools anything. The funding was provided by the Forth Valley Education Business Partnership.

What was so good about them? They were superb. We had pupils from other schools so there were between 250 and 300 children sitting on the floor and they held their attention totally.

How relevant was the visit to the curriculum?

Very. It was packed with information for environmental studies, it gave the children a really positive approach to the subject and made it all such fun.

The Floating Point Theatre Group, tel: 0181 313 3832.

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