Star Turns

School: Hyndland Primary, Glasgow, 425 pupils; Headteacher Linda Muirhead What has been the best arts event to visit your school in the past year? Karen Pasi, a choreographer.

How did you hear about her? She's one of our parents.

What did she do? She gave the children lessons in jazz dance.

Did you do any preparation beforehand? Because she's a parent, she knows the teachers very well and talks to them, so she knows what the children need and she's been coming to us for a while.

How long did she stay? Fourteen hours in all - seven one-hour sessions with each of the two P7 classes.

How much did she cost? Pounds 25 for the 14 hours.

Who paid? The school.

What was so good about her? She's excellent - so skilled and so good with the children. Her classes provide them with access to a kind of tuition that some of them might not otherwise experience.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? Her classes bring the children out of themselves, they help them to relax and be less inhibited, to express themselves through movement and to work together as a team. The course culminates in a class performance at a ceilidh, so they are really learning a performing art.

* Karen Pasi, tel: 0141 339 4193

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