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Star turns

School: Cardross Primary School, West Dunbartonshire, number of pupils 181; age of children involved 5-12; headteacher Elizabeth Fleming

What was the best arts companyevent to visit your school in the past year?

Travelling by Tuba.

How did you hear about them? By mailshot, but I had recognised one of the names of the two involved from musical circles, so they already had a seal of approval in my mind. I knew they would be good.

How long did they spend with you? An hour.

What did they do? They presented a concert and workshop giving the history of music in terms of brass instruments. They gave insights into the music of composers like Bach and Mozart. They used piano and tuba to illustrate and to entertain, and involved the children by letting them blow the tuba. There was hand percussion as well - triangles, tambourines, etc.

Did you do any preparation work beforehand? Not really Did you do any follow-up work? Yes. I bought their disc and I play it to the children at lunch times.

How much did it cost? The real price is Pounds 170, but for some reason we had them on special offer, so to speak, at Pounds 155.

Who paid? The school fund What was so good about them? They held the attention of the whole school - and that takes some skill. They had done a lot of homework themselves, a lot of preparation. It was an extremely well-rehearsed performance, and it was fun. They even brought along a cannon which fired out flags to accompany Tchaikovsky. In fact, they are going to be performing for adults at the Victoria Hall at the Helensburgh Music Festival in March.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? Obviously, in terms of music and the expressive arts, very - with some history thrown in as well.

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