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Star turns

School: Wellbrae primary, Forfar; pupil roll 251; children involved P5-7, headteacher (acting) Kay Dorward.

What was the best arts company or event to visit your school in the last year? Scottish Opera How did you hear about them? They contacted the school.

What did they do? They spent a whole day with us and worked with the children to perform a Jacobite sequence. They provided costumes and the children were engrossed. Pupils worked hard and did performances that Scottish Opera led them in.

Did you do any preparation? Teachers worked on the songs.

Any follow-up work? We made a video of the occsion.

What did the visit cost? A cluster of schools was involved, but our share was pound;176.89.

Who paid? The school What was so good about the visit? The sheer professionalism of Scottish Opera and the enthusiasm they put into everything. Everybody really entered into the spirit of the occasion and the way the children reacted was marvellous. They got so much out of it, it was obvious.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? One of our teachers was working with the children on the Jacobites, so it fitted well with that and with expressive arts.

Scottish Opera For All, tel: 0141 248 4567

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