Star turns

School: Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, 900 pupils; English teacher Anne McCrae.

What is the best arts company to visit your school in the past year? ARC Theatre Ensemble.

How did you hear about them? The council's Equality Unit approached us.

What did they do? Kicking Out, a play about racism, prejudice and young people playing football together.

Did you do any preparation? Yes. We discussed some of the issues beforehand.

Any follow-up work? We talked about the pupils' resonse to the play and did some written work suitable for the English Standard grade folios.

How long did they stay? Two hours.

How much did they cost? It was free to the school.

Who paid? Lothian region footed the bill.

What was so good about them? They tackled a "live" issue. The football theme was very accessible. And they used plenty of humour.

How relevant was their work to the curriculum? Extremely relevant.

* Tel: 0181 594 1095.

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