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School: Croftmalloch primary, West Lothian, pupil roll 255, involved P6 and 7, acting head Margaret Cook

What was the best arts company to visit in the past year?

West Lothian Theatre Workshop.

How did you hear about them? They contacted the school.

What did they do?

One person organised circle and name games with the children. It involved role play, similar to stuff we do in class but more exciting. The theme was dreams and they divided the children into groups for the workshop and held discussions with them.

Did you do any preparation? No.

Any follow-up work?

We discussed the workshop in class.

What did the visit cost? It was free - they are really advertising their children's drama clubs.

What was so good about the visit? It was noisy and a lot of fun for the children who really threw themselves into the activities. They enjoyed the games and it was something unusual for them.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? To expressive arts, very.

Contact West Lothian Theatre Workshop, tel: 01506 777697

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