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School: Giffnock Primary, East Renfrewshire; age of children involved 5-12; headteacher Edna Livingstone.

* What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year?

The Pace Theatre Company.

* How did you hear about them?

From mailshots and by word of mouth from other schools in the area.

* How long did they spend with you?

The whole day and then they put on a special show for our open evening.

* What did they do?

They put on a performance using the children as the cast on the subject of bullying. The children were divided into three or four groups and given different coloured T-shirts to wear. They were involved in role playing about the effects of bullying.

* Did you do any preparation?

Yes. The company sent us a whole anti-bullying teaching pack beforehand, so that teachers could discuss the topic with their classes.

* Any follow-up work?

The teachers had further discussions with the children afterwards.

* How much did it cost?


* Who paid?

The school fund.

What was so good about it?

The whole format was wonderful. They spent a lot of time involving the children beforehand and preparing them for the performance. It was a very thorough study of what is involved in bullying and how to handle it. The children were totally absorbed. It brought the subject into sharp focus.

* How relevant was it to the curriculum?

Very. It related closely to what we had been studying in personal and social development.

Contact Pace Theatre Company, tel: 0141 887 2986 22

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